Why choose Molly over Labour?


Lots of people have been wondering if it’s ‘safe’ to vote for Molly – will voting Green help the Tories? The short answer is no! Bristol Green councillor Eleanor Combley ran through all the possible scenarios in a Facebook post, which is shared below:

So, someone on Facebook pointed out that if you were Theresa May, in government after June and planning to turn the UK into a post-Brexit bargain-basement tax haven, the last person you would want to see in Parliament would be Molly Scott Cato, a renowned economist who has been doing amazing work in the EU on tax justice since her election as our MEP in 2014.

A Labour supporter got quite angry, saying that we were prejudging the election and we should be planning for a Labour win. So that set me thinking, is there any scenario in which Molly would not be the best MP for Bristol West? Here are my thoughts:

Large Labour majority

Tories are out, and with a big enough win to create peace within the Labour party (for a while, at least). One option is that we have just another Labour MP in the herd, which makes no difference as the Labour majority is solid anyway. Our other option is that with Molly, we have doubled the strength of the Green voice in Parliament, and with Corbyn in Number 10 there is a really good chance of him listening to those great ideas. In fact, he is already doing it. Look at some of Corbyn’s most radical and popular ideas: rail re-nationalisation, the wage ratio to control runaway executive pay, now they are even talking about the universal basic income – where did he find them? In Green Party policy. A stronger Green voice in Parliament could keep Corybn moving in that positive direction.

Vulnerable Labour majority / Hung Parliament

Labour have won the election, but by only a few seats, or without an outright majority. What would the Labour candidate do in this situation? There is a clue in what she did in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum, which was enthusiastically throw herself into the coup against Corbyn, giving us a period of petty infighting when we needed a strong alternative national leadership. What would Molly do? Support a Labour government when it was doing the right thing, and use the leverage that gives her to make sure it does the right thing more often. Imagine if Molly and Caroline Lucas made support of the Green NHS Reinstatement Bill a condition of their support for Labour? Goodbye privatisation in the NHS! (Unlikely the Labour candidate would support it otherwise – she already had the opportunity and chose not to.)

Vulnerable Tory majority

The Tories have won, but the good news is, their majority is small and that makes it possible for strong opposition to rein them in. Again, we can be fairly certain that the right of the Labour Party would see that as a good enough excuse to get rid of Corbyn and the Labour candidate would be sucked into the infighting. Molly, on the other hand, would be able to focus on the job at hand, and if you’ve ever seen Molly speak, you’ll know that she knows her stuff so well, and is so persuasive in her arguments, she would really provide genuine opposition, and would be a voice of reason that could even sway soft Tories away from supporting Theresa May’s more batsh*t right-wingery.

Increased Tory majority

Well, this brings us back to the original point, which is that as a voice for the opposition, standing up against a Tory government, Molly Scott Cato would be formidable. We have seen how Caroline Lucas has been worth at least a dozen Labour MPs when it comes to standing up, speaking up, and laying out a genuine alternative vision, and Molly would be worth the same again. And supporting each other, together they could make a real difference to the politics of the UK, standing up for us and for a future worth believing in.

TL;DR version: Vote for Molly Scott Cato in Bristol West!