Labour’s manifesto is a dog’s Brexit

Molly Scott Cato, as the Green Party's Brexit spokesperson, has criticised the Labour Party's 'confused and contradictory' manifesto promises on Brexit. Bristol West, the constituency in which Molly is standing for Parliament, voted 80% in favouring of Remain in the European Union Referendum. She said: "Labour just can't decide where it wants to stand on Brexit. The promises my counterpart Keir Starmer made about fighting to keep Britain in the Single Market have been totally undermined by the Party's manifesto. Labour is once again aping the Tories in its manifesto pledge to sacrifice our economy and Single Market membership on the altar of ending freedom of movement."

Molly pledges to end painful NHS privatisation experiment

“As your Green MP, I will fight to reverse this race to the bottom and give our NHS the emergency kiss of life it so desperately needs. If you look at the record of all of the other major parties it's clear that only the Green Party can be trusted to protect the NHS. One more Green MP in parliament brings us one step closer to reinstating a fully funded, truly public NHS."

Molly Scott Cato slams education cuts in Bristol as Tories revolt

Molly has hit out at Theresa May's 'devastating' school funding cuts as Tory MPs revolt over the controversial plans. The Bristol West candidate joins more than a dozen Conservative MPs who have today publicly criticised the Prime Minister's funding shake-up, which headteachers warn will lead to many schools across Bristol losing huge sums of money. Schools … Continue reading Molly Scott Cato slams education cuts in Bristol as Tories revolt