Green candidate for Bristol West ‘gutted’ but says Party are ‘in this for the long-haul’

“Bristol has for a long time been a hive of green thinking and activism and will continue to be so. The Green Party will continue to be the political voice for this green vision. We are in this for the long haul and our green councillors will continue carrying the green baton on behalf of Bristol residents and keep building on our success in the city."

Molly Scott Cato welcomes increase in Bristol electorate

Responding to the news that an extra 69,000 voters have joined the electoral roll in the West of England, with Bristol West seeing the biggest upswing in registered voters, Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the South West and the Green Party's candidate for the constituency, said: "It's fantastic to see such a big increase in the number of people registered to exercise their democratic rights in Bristol. But the news isn't a surprise to me. On the doorsteps of Bristol West, it's clear that people actively engaging in this election campaign."

Molly Scott Cato slams BBC love affair with UKIP

Molly has slammed the BBC after it revealed plans to sideline the Greens in its election coverage. The BBC's programming plan, announced yesterday, reveals UKIP - which received far fewer votes in last week's local elections - will be given an individual election programme, which will be broadcast from Bristol. The Greens will not. UKIP … Continue reading Molly Scott Cato slams BBC love affair with UKIP

Green Party’s ‘boldest campaign ever’ launched in Bristol West

“With this election, we are at a crossroads for Britain's future. Today marks the beginning of the Green Party’s campaign for a bold, positive future for our country, in full opposition to the extreme Brexit and far-right agenda threatened by the Tories.

Molly responds to Prime Minister’s announcement of a General Election on June 8th

""The Green Party stands to make history in Bristol on June 8, where the people of Bristol West will have the chance to elect their first Green MP. I've served the area as MEP since 2014 and as an MP I'll be 100% committed to protecting the environment and fighting climate change. I represent a party untainted by the unpopular policy of privatisation."