Molly Scott Cato wins the backing of George Monbiot in Bristol West

Award-winning environmental campaigner, journalist and author George Monbiot has thrown his support behind Molly as parliamentary candidate for Bristol West. In Bristol West, where it is a two-horse race between Greens and Labour, George is urging voters to make history and 'transform the politics of Britain' by sending another Green MP to Westminister.

Molly responds to ‘Green Guarantee’ launch

The Green Party today launched their ‘Green Guarantee’, a set of key priorities for Green MPs who are elected to Parliament on June 8th. Responding to the launch, Molly Scott Cato, parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, said: “Today the Green Party has made some big and bold pledges to the British people. Green MPs will … Continue reading Molly responds to ‘Green Guarantee’ launch

Opening the Bristol Green Party campaign hub and shop

This weekend Molly was joined by Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley to open the Bristol Green Party's campaign hub and shop. It was a fantastic start to a fantastic weekend of campaigning in Bristol West, and made clear what we've been saying all along - Molly can win Bristol West! The shop is at 194 Cheltenham Road, BS6 5RB.