Labour’s manifesto is a dog’s Brexit

Molly Scott Cato, as the Green Party's Brexit spokesperson, has criticised the Labour Party's 'confused and contradictory' manifesto promises on Brexit. Bristol West, the constituency in which Molly is standing for Parliament, voted 80% in favouring of Remain in the European Union Referendum. She said: "Labour just can't decide where it wants to stand on Brexit. The promises my counterpart Keir Starmer made about fighting to keep Britain in the Single Market have been totally undermined by the Party's manifesto. Labour is once again aping the Tories in its manifesto pledge to sacrifice our economy and Single Market membership on the altar of ending freedom of movement."

Greens to offer a chance to remain in EU if Brexit deal fails to deliver

The Green Party today pledged to offer the nation a chance to vote to remain in the EU if they do not like the deal on offer at the end of the negotiation period between the UK and the EU. Co-leader, Caroline Lucas MP and Bristol West candidate, Molly Scott Cato MEP, pledged a ‘ratification referendum’ providing people a clear choice between accepting the deal on offer at the end of the Article 50 process or remaining a member of the EU. They said this will not be a re-run of the in-out referendum but will be a vote about the ratification process.

Marching for Science

Ahead of the March for Science, taking place in Bristol tomorrow, Saturday, Molly says: “I am delighted to join this important march for science in Bristol. The city has a long and proud tradition of scientific leadership and is the world’s largest hub for wildlife film making. The fact that Bristol plays host to a great deal of scientific and environmental research and innovation was a key reason for Bristol being selected as European Green Capital.

Green Party’s ‘boldest campaign ever’ launched in Bristol West

“With this election, we are at a crossroads for Britain's future. Today marks the beginning of the Green Party’s campaign for a bold, positive future for our country, in full opposition to the extreme Brexit and far-right agenda threatened by the Tories.