Meet Molly


Meet Molly. A radical and realistic economist.

For those of you who haven’t met me already, I’ve had the honour of representing you in the European Parliament since 2014 so we may well have be in touch already about issues like TTIP, the dodgy trade deal, protecting clean air, making sure we have safe, healthy food, and so many other issues we are all concerned about. And you’ll know that I fought Brexit with every scrap of energy I could find.

I grew up in Bath and have lived in the West Country for most of my life. I love the relaxed pace of life here and the beautiful countryside that surrounds us. And I love the independent spirit and creativity of Bristol.

I’ve got three children in their 20s and that’s part of the reason why I’m so glad that we launched our election campaign in Bristol and with a focus on young people. I’ve been shocked by the treatment my children have faced in the workplace with short-term contracts and unpaid internships. They also face problems finding warm, secure homes, as all young people do.

My second son is a doctor and I’ve heard from him about the pressure on the health service caused by privatisation and under-funding. He is stressed by the knowledge that he can’t reach the high standards he has set himself because the whole system is so stretched.

My daughter Rosa, campaigning for Remain during the EU referendum.

I’ve been involved in community organisations all my life and have also been active in the cooperative movement. I am a Quaker and am committed to the peaceful resolution of conflict and seeking out the underlying causes of wars which I believe lie in injustice and inequality. This is partly why I trained to be an economist, a job I did before I was elected as an MEP in 2014.

I spend more time than I like to admit watching cop dramas and am also a big fan of costume drama which I watch with my daughter Rosa when she is around. I also love to sing and to spend time out in the countryside.

Want to meet Molly in person?

I’ll be out and about in Bristol West on my Green Sofa in the run up to the General Election. If you want to chat or ask me a question, just turn up. My team are maintaining an up-to-date list of all my Green Sofa dates.