Tax justice

Working for tax justice has been a major part of my work as an MEP. As a member of two important committees on economics and tax in the European Parliament, I have challenged corporations and wealthy elites over their dodgy tax practices and worked on measures to create fairer tax rules.

These have included legislation to close corporate tax loopholes, a tax havens blacklist, a common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) across Europe – to prevent competition and a race to the bottom – and country-by-country reporting so corporations have to publicly declare where they are making their profits.

I have also run a campaign to remove VAT from sanitary products across the EU and successfully lobbied the EU Commission for a VAT exemption for small businesses.

As a member of a special inquiry committee into the tax avoidance revelations contained in the Panama Papers I joined other MEPs touring various EU cities to talk to government ministers and tax authorities to quiz them over some of the revelations contained in the papers. This included a visit to London where I slammed the Treasury for their evasive approach, refusing to meet us and answer questions about the role played by British Overseas Territories and other ex-colonial territories in facilitating tax dodging.

I share the concerns of many that the UK may try to drastically cut tax rates for large corporations once the UK has left the EU and turn itself into a tax haven. I have been holding the British government to account on tax avoidance, and have advocated a fair and transparent tax system post-Brexit.

I would love to be Theresa May’s worst nightmare if elected as an MP – questioning and challenging her every move on tax policy. I will fight to avoid Brexit Britain becoming a place where elites and large corporations get away with low taxes while the rest of us suffer cuts to services we all rely on and which make us a civilized society.