Our health service is in crisis. This is down to all the major parties failing to invest properly and wasting time and money on repeated reorganisation. Greens have pledged to increase health spending to the EU average and have plans to increase taxation on the better off to make this possible.

The hidden agenda is privatisation. First Labour opened up the NHS to competition, then the Lib Dem – Conservative coalition extended this privatisation. Only the Green party has not colluded in the privatisation of the NHS and we never will.

I believe in public health care and that the profit motive has no place in health. As an MP I would always vote against any attempt to extend the market in the health sector or extend privatisation.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has been setting the agenda on reversing the privatisation of the NHS with her NHS reinstatement bill. This was later supported by Jeremy Corbyn, but not by any of Bristol’s Labour MPs.

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