Refugees and migrants

“My first job was with a refugee research project in Oxford. I met refugees from lots of countries who I worked with and who became friends. It feels valuable that I first met refugees as people rather than learning about this issue from statistics. I also learned about their countries: Afghanistan, Uganda, Congo and particularly Latin American countries, which were under dictatorships at that time. In fact, it was a Chilean refugee called Jaime who first pointed out to me that I should become a Green politician!”

– Molly Scott Cato

I’ve been an MEP during the greatest refugee crisis Europe has faced since the Second World War. Throughout, I’ve called for a humane and compassionate response, calling on European countries to co-operate in welcoming refugees and finding them safe routes to asylum.

I’ve twice visited the ‘jungle camp’ in Calais to meet refugees and those supporting them. I condemned the announcement by the government that it would only take 350 lone child refugees and urged the government to reopen the ‘Dubs’ scheme and accept many more unaccompanied child refugees. Speaking to the European Parliament, I challenged the UK government to recognise the rights of refugees in France to be reunited with family members in the UK.

I strongly support the work of the Bristol Refugee Rights’ Welcome Centre. During a visit I learned firsthand about how the centre offers refugees and asylum seekers a safe space to meet and practical support. I’ve always supported and highlighted the many acts of compassion by many communities throughout the South West under the ‘Refugees Welcome’ banner. I stand with Bristol City of Sanctuary in celebrating and welcoming the diversity of our city.

I signed a cross-party letter to David Cameron urging him to take part in an EU resettlement scheme for the thousands of desperate refugees fleeing war in the Middle East. I also wrote to the EU Commission pressing them on human rights for asylum seekers in Northern France.