On International Day Against Homophobia, Molly Scott Cato calls for end to persecution in Chechnya and Russia

Molly has co-authored a resolution in the European Parliament condemning the persecution of men perceived to be gay in Chechnya and Russia and calling on the authorities there to end a campaign of persecution against them1. The resolution, which has overwhelming support in the European Parliament, comes on International Day Against Homophobia, which aims to raise awareness of LGBTIQA+ rights violations around the world.

Greens pledge to scrap SATs and boost funding for Bristol schools

Molly is set to join protesters at the March for Education rally in Bristol on Saturday. The Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West said: “Last week, primary children across Bristol took their SATS tests. It would be great if this was the last time that these pointless and stressful tests are inflicted on our children. Getting rid of SATs tests would be a big step towards broadening the curriculum away from a narrow test-driven focus. Full marks to our wonderful teachers who still manage to put creativity into lessons and inspire children to learn, but scrapping SATS would free them up to do so much more."

Molly backs action as nurses vote to strike

Molly Scott Cato, the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, has pledged her support for frontline NHS staff, as nurses vote in support of strike action. She said: "Nurses have not reached this decision lightly. Almost a decade of pay cuts and massive staff shortages have forced them to this point. I stand in solidarity with nurses and offer them my full support in their decision. Nurses are dangerously overstretched and grossly underpaid."

I will champion the interests of small businesses in Bristol, says Molly

"Greens are committed to revitalising our local economy and putting small businesses at its heart. As a Green MP, I will champion the many local and independent businesses that make our city so vibrant. We must prioritise these businesses and ensure that they have a level playing field."

Molly issues heartfelt thanks to Bristol nurses on Nurses’ Day

Molly Scott Cato has pledged to be a 'powerful advocate' for nurses as the parliamentary candidate for Bristol West and has issued a heartfelt message of thanks to the city's nurses on Nurses' Day. Molly said: "I am delighted to take this moment to celebrate our hardworking nurses; they are truly the bedrock of our NHS. The unsung heroes of our healthcare service are dedicated and committed miracle workers but, sadly, they are far too often underappreciated."

Molly pledges to end painful NHS privatisation experiment

“As your Green MP, I will fight to reverse this race to the bottom and give our NHS the emergency kiss of life it so desperately needs. If you look at the record of all of the other major parties it's clear that only the Green Party can be trusted to protect the NHS. One more Green MP in parliament brings us one step closer to reinstating a fully funded, truly public NHS."