Bristol needs a Green MP

The vast majority of people I speak to in Bristol have had enough of the way politics is going in our country. In this time of huge change, we need radical voices on the front line, bringing new thinking and hope for the future into our politics.

We need a real opposition to this Government’s damaging, counterproductive and downright dangerous agenda, and it’s sadly not coming from Labour – it’s coming from the Green Party.

I’m currently your MEP, covering the South West, and I have fought hard for justice and environmental rights in the European Parliament. When I stand up to speak, I’m not tied to vested interests or the party line. I am free to speak out for you, for Bristol, and for what I believe in.

As your MP, I would be able to be a clear force for good. The Green Party represents a radically different future – one that puts fairness for people and care for the planet at the heart of decisions we make.

Published and promoted by Alex Dunn on behalf of The Bristol Green Party, 47 Abbey Rd, Bristol, BS9 3QN