Molly endorsed by National Health Action Party as candidate mostly likely to defend the NHS in Bristol West


The National Health Action Party have endorsed Molly for Bristol West. The party, which is fighting the gradual privatisation of the NHS say:

We are proud to endorse candidates outside the NHA party who share our common purpose – to protect and champion public services.

Writing on their website, Molly says:

The NHS is a precious jewel which British people rightly value highly. What could be more important than knowing that if you fall sick you can rely on good quality healthcare without having to think about whether you can afford it. Yet politicians from the three main Westminster parties have all colluded in the privatisation by stealth of this public service that people want to see remain public. The Green Party will reinstate a fully public NHS, respect and fund NHS staff properly, and end the destructive and wasteful reorganisations whose real aim is privatisation not efficiency.