I will champion the interests of small businesses in Bristol, says Molly

Molly Scott Cato, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, has pledged to be a champion for the city’s many small businesses and support the growing so-called circular economy, where resources are recovered from products at the end of their lives to be turned into new products.

Speaking outside the offices of the ground-breaking Bristol Pound project, the MEP economist unveiled a business vision for the city. Molly said:

“The Bristol Pound has shown how local currencies are an eminently sensible and practical way to strengthen the local economy. This hugely successful project goes hand in glove with Bristol’s thriving independent business sector, which in turn gives life and variety to our high streets and communities.

“Like all local currencies, the Bristol Pound gives people the chance to keep money circulating in the local economy rather than pouring out into the hands of corporations and distant shareholders. It really does place the power to change the economy in the palm of our hands.

“Greens are committed to revitalising our local economy and putting small businesses at its heart. As a Green MP, I will champion the many local and independent businesses that make our city so vibrant. We must prioritise these businesses and ensure that they have a level playing field. Giant corporations can shift their profits to avoid paying tax and contribute little or nothing to supporting vital infrastructure in Bristol; at the same time they threaten to put small local firms out of business. Greens would end the profit shifting loopholes that makes this possible and require large businesses to pay more in corporation tax than small businesses. This would help create fair competition between chains and independents.”

As a member of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Molly is urging a future government to follow the lead of the EU and embrace the ‘circular economy’. She added:

“As a Green Economist, I have long argued for the need to move away from wasteful production processes towards an energy and resource-efficient circular economy, which will provide enormous economic development opportunities. Bristol is a city of innovation and creativity and I know there will be huge opportunities for small businesses that embrace the idea of the circular economy. Reusing, recovering and recycling resources will also provide thousands of new jobs.

“As a Green MP, I will be fighting to ensure the next government places local businesses and the circular economy at the heart of its economic strategy.”