Green Party’s ‘boldest campaign ever’ launched in Bristol West

The Green Party has today set out its vision for young people during its general election campaign launch in Bristol.

The Greens will campaign for free education, a living wage for all and investment in mental health services. The party is also calling for votes at 16 so 16 and 17-year-olds can have their say in the election.

The campaign was launched today in Bristol by Caroline Lucas MP and Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leaders, and Molly Scott Cato.

At the launch Molly said:

“With this election, we are at a crossroads for Britain’s future. Today marks the beginning of the Green Party’s campaign for a bold, positive future for our country, in full opposition to the extreme Brexit and far-right agenda threatened by the Tories.

“The Green Party wants to close this gulf that’s opening up between young people and older generations, because the way that young people are being let down at the moment is a disgrace. It’s hard to think of a time when it’s been more difficult to be a young person in Britain and in this election, we risk getting a Tory government which will make it so much worse.”

Bartley said:

“We have amazing opportunities, like here in Bristol with Molly primed to join Caroline in Parliament, making the Green Party an even stronger force in politics. We’re polling even better than our result in 2015, and we’ve got such an amazing selection of candidates up and down the country ready to drive our boldest campaign yet.

“If you’re one of the millions of young people let down by this Government, saddled with debt and uncertainty, the Green Party is the home for you. We have a positive vision for the future of this country, a fairer more equal society, and a tolerant, outward looking Britain.”